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EDF’s NutrientStar Reports Do Not Reflect Adapt-N Capabilities

Adapt-N nets $1M Tulane Challenge Prize

Global fertilizer company, Yara International ASA, acquires Adapt-N

More about Adapt-N:

adapt-n_10-2013_cornThe Adapt-N tool is a user friendly, web-based nitrogen (N) recommendation tool for corn crops. The tool provides precise N fertilizer recommendations that account for the effects of seasonal conditions using high-resolution climate data, a dynamic computer model, and field-specific information on crop and soil management. The tool has been in continuous development over the past 10 years, an effort led by Professor Harold van-Es with other colleagues at Cornell University.Adapt-N was commercialized by Cornell University and was licensed to Agronomic Technology Corporation (ATC), a young sustainable agriculture start-up company.

This public-private partnership enables ATC to lead all commercial use of the tool, while Cornell University, in collaboration with different stakeholders and environmental policy bodies, leads its application as a research tool to improve the sustainability of corn cropping throughout the US. Cornell University also continues to serve as the development arm of Adapt-N, steadily working on improving the tool.

See Research for articles, case studies, and publications on the tool.

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